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180 II Automatic horizontal packing machine

   1. Automatic horizontal packing machine is a completely new packing machine which is made up of bag-making, dosing, filling and sealing. And the wrapping material is all kinds of multilayer heat-sealable films. Match with different filling head, the machine can pack powders, liquids, pastes, granule in three side or four side sealed sachets.

  2. Character:
   It adopts PLC human-machine interface and all the actions are driven by air cylinder. The system for going down film uses servomotor control so that we can adjust dimension of film randomly, it has the advantage of high efficiency, applicability and stability. The package is beautiful, and the sealing strength is high. It is the ideal choice for packing foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, feedstuff industry and so on.

   3.Technical Data:


XFS-180 II twin bag

Bag-making Size(W×H)



2.5 --100 ml


85 --150 bag/min


4.5 KWA

Air consumption

0.7 m3/min

Power supply



770 Kg


3200×970×2000 mm

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