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Oolong Tea - the world's favourite drink!

-------FUJIAN ANXI OOLONG TEA (TIE GUAN YIN)is a famous tea in china , it has more than 3000 years history .Our company situated in "the tea country of China----Quanzhou Anxi,the southen of FuJian province,with the mountains and waters which offer favorable conditions for the growth of tea.Owing to its better natural environment ,Quanzhou Anxi is the important source of tea way in Japan Korea and European Union.

-------Our company engage in world trade of tea since 1980.and company have own tea mountain,factory,and professional technology team. we can supply high quality oolong tea. and all the production is followed the strict food import standards set by Japan and the European Union.

-------We can provide the packaging of tea according the requirement of buyer .also provide all kind beautiful tea set. porcelain tea set.

-------Company provide all type high quality over wrapping machines.Tea bag paper and fittings,Filter paper,Thread,Tea bag machine,Tea bag products,Tea box.


Ti kuan yin( Oolong 乌龙茶 )

A rather fine, fragrant variety of Oolong; one of my favourite kinds of tea, and the most popular Oolong in most of China.

According to legend, an iron (Ti) statue of the goddess of mercy Kuan Yin stood in a run-down temple in the Fujian province of China. A local farmer would pass the temple every day, and one day he took it upon himself to start cleaning it up out of respect for its resident goddess.

After he had been doing this for a while, Kuan Yin appeared to him in a dream and told him to look in a cave behind the temple to find a precious treasure he must share with others. When he looked as he was told, what he found was a sprout of a tea bush; so he looked after the bush, took cuttings from it and shared them with his tea-growing neighbours.

That special plant was the ancestor of all Ti Kuan Yin, and its progeny produce some of the world's finest Oolong to this day.

Anxi Oolong tea comes from the famous Oolong producting area--Anxi County,which located in Fujian province. Anxi Oolong may be known as"Se zhong",which means a blend of several Oolongs. The leaves from several different tea plants are plucked to make this special Oolong. The processing method of Anxi Oolong is simiar as that of TieGuanYin. The leaves Of Anxi Oolong are tightly curled, so forming
its strong body.

Anxi Oolong tea is a ideal balance for all kinds of Oolong teas,such as yellow gold Oolong, Benshan Oolong and hairy crab etc. Because Oolong tea can be heavily oxidized or lightly oxidized ,its flavor will vary from quite green to near-black. So we divide Anxi Oolong tea into two varieties: Anxi green Oolong and Anxi black Oolong. Anxi green Oolong tea is deeply green in appearance, with flowery aroma, mellow and brisk taste. Anxi black Oolong tea is of rufous appearance with fruity aroma, mellow and thick taste.




QuanZhou,The origination harbour of archaian sea silk way, The famous culture city in west of formosan strait









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